Updated: 06.30.2020:
Drive Through and Drop Off! 

Need to drop off summer clothes or items for your loved one? Here’s your opportunity! Pull up to the front entrance July 7 between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm to drop off your items. CarePartners will be outside and available to take your items. 

Please wear a mask and follow the guidelines listed below. 

We will offer this Drive Through Drop Off again on July 21. 
Please note: No Residents will be present for the drop off event. This event is to drop off items only. 

This is just a reminder that JCMCF does not allow window visits. This is due to privacy concerns for our Residents and uneven ground around the facility. In addition, due to the placement of approximately half of our Resident's rooms, many of our Residents would not be able to have a window visit. Imagine that you are that Resident or a family member for that Resident. Wouldn’t that be frustrating that some have that luxury and others don’t? It is important that all our Residents are given the same opportunities. 
A few families have recently tried to have window visits and this has caused major issues for our Residents. We have even had families request the Resident to open the window. Doing this defeats all of the safeguards that have been put in place. We know this has been hard on all of you but if you try and “sneak” a visit you will be asked to leave the grounds and should you decline, the police will be called.
Please know that we are doing everything we can to support your loved one through this difficult time. We can't wait for you all to be able to visit again in a safe manner. 

Updated: 06.03.2020

When can you come and visit? That continues to be our most popular question.

There is a misconception that the Governor's Stay At Home order ends and visitation can resume. This is False.

While the Stay At Home order has been lifted, the Governor of Michigan has extended the ban on visitations to June 26 (Executive Order 2020-108). The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) - at the Federal level - has mandated that there are to be no visitors at nursing homes nation-wide. CMS has outlined a three-tiered system for reopening to visitors. We have to go through all three phases. We don't know how long each of these phases will last. But we do know that visitation doesn't begin until Phase 3 and there is a minimum of 14 days in each phase and the potential for a longer time in each phase. At this time we are going to continue our current practices that we have put in place. I understand that this is incredibly difficult for all of you but this is what we have been told is necessary to continue to protect your loved ones.

Some of the questions that we had from our Family Town Hall meeting include:

Question: What are the three phases for reopening?

Answer: Please keep in mind that the State has the authority to make changes to these Federal recommendations. We don't know what pieces they have discretion on or what pieces are set in stone. This is the overview as of today.

Phase 1: Continue to do what we are currently doing by staying at the highest level of vigilance. To move to Phase 2, we have to make sure there are no facility - acquired cases. There is also talk of testing in these phases. This is up to the State's discretion.

Phase 2: Visitation is still not allowed but we are allowed to have non-essential health care personnel come back to work. For us, that means our four individuals that are working from home can return to JCMCF. We would continue to do all the health screening we do for every CarePartner including the questionnaire of health conditions, mask in place, the temperature is taken, and hand hygiene is performed. We are currently screening our Residents three times a day and will continue in Phase 2. Restrictions on activities would begin to lift but would remain small due to social distancing. Our Residents would continue to wear cloth masks in this phase. Again, we would have to show that we don't have any new cases to move on to Phase 3.

Phase 3: This is where things begin to be more 'normal'. Visits would begin. Meals would be served in the MDR - social distancing. Slightly larger group activities would be allowed. All of the screening would continue and all CarePartners and visitors would be required to wear a mask.

All of that is subject to change due to the State's interpretation of these phases.

Question: When do the phases start?

Answer: That is a fluid situation as we don't have the guidance from the state - only the federal government at this time. We do know that the expectation from the Federal government is that nursing homes lag behind the community by at least 14 days to make sure the community does not experience a resurgence in cases.

Please refer to the following websites for the latest information: 

CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/whats-new-all.html?fbclid=IwAR30SnsXcUqkNiOJ-tbcWCjt-fDnWphsEB61YU_w3JJAt94ff50J0GznSxU

Michigan https://www.michigan.gov/coronavirus



As always, we are so grateful for the continued support of our families.


We are accepting deliveries by US Mail, UPS, and FedEx at this time. Please do not attempt to drop off items - they will not be accepted. 

We've set up email addresses for you to use to send emails to your loved one (if they don't have their own email address). Please make sure to include the name of the Resident in the subject line of your email. The email addresses are: 

For Residents of The Renewal Center (Rooms 1 – 16): RenewalCenterJCMCF@gmail.com

For Residents of Whispering Willows (Rooms 101 – 120): WhisperingWillowsJCMCF@gmail.com

For Residents of Recovery Road (Rooms 201 – 228): RecoveryRoadJCMCF@gmail.com

For Residents of Cozy Corners (Rooms 301 – 328): CozyCornersJCMCF@gmail.com

For Residents of Evergreen Meadow (Rooms 401 – 428): EvergreenMeadowJCMCF@gmail.com

Unsure of the room number? Use info@jcmcf.com

​You may also send a message to your loved one via our Facebook Messenger (Jackson County Medical Care Facility). We will those on to our Residents. 

Thank you for helping us by staying healthy!
Stay Home. 
COVID-19 (coronavirus) Information: