updated: 04.03.2020: No changes today. 

We are accepting deliveries by US Mail, UPS, and FedEx at this time. Please do not attempt to drop off items - they will not be accepted. 

We've set up email addresses for you to use to send emails to your loved one (if they don't have their own email address). Please make sure to include the name of the Resident in the subject line of your email. The email addresses are: 

For Residents of The Renewal Center (Rooms 1 – 16): RenewalCenterJCMCF@gmail.com

For Residents of Whispering Willows (Rooms 101 – 120): WhisperingWillowsJCMCF@gmail.com

For Residents of Recovery Road (Rooms 201 – 228): RecoveryRoadJCMCF@gmail.com

For Residents of Cozy Corners (Rooms 301 – 328): CozyCornersJCMCF@gmail.com

For Residents of Evergreen Meadow (Rooms 401 – 428): EvergreenMeadowJCMCF@gmail.com

​You may also send a message to your loved one via our Facebook Messenger (Jackson County Medical Care Facility). We will those on to our Residents. 

Thank you for helping us by staying healthy! 
COVID-19 (coronavirus) Information: