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CarePartners of JCMCF....Welcome to your page! Important information for our CarePartners will be displayed here. Check back often!Click on the links below.

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Healthcare Academy InServices: July 2020

Online InServices Info:
Log in reminder - using the following info as an example: 
Name: John Doe
Last four digits of John's Social Security Number: 1234
Using this example, John's log in would be: 
Login ID: jd1234
Password: jdoe

ESS features the ability for you to update your address, phone number, etc. You can also view your own timecards and print your paystub. Click here:
Login info: 
  • personal login is your 4-digit badgenumber@jackson (for example: 1234@jackson)
  • password is the last four digits of your social security number. 
If you are experiencing a challenge printing your paycheck information, please stop in the Human Resources Office. Anna, Dee, or Kathy will be able to assist in getting your paycheck printed. Our payroll provider, SmartLinx, is aware of the issue and are working to resolve the disconnect. Until then let your HR Team help you! 

24/7 Online Health Care:
Available to CarePartners covered by Blue Care Network Plan. 
Having a challenging getting an "I need to see you now" appointment with your physician? Did you know you can now get quality health care, anytime, anywhere? Blue Care Network, our medical insurance provider, offers online contact with a board-certified doctor. 
WHO is covered: It's for all members of your family covered under your Blue Care network plan.
WHEN should I use an on-line physician? For minor illnesses, colds, flu, and seasonal allergies; minor burns, cuts, and scrapes; skin rash; painful urination; eye irritation; sore throat; ear ache; and vomiting. 
Sign up using one of the following methods: 
phone: 1.844.733.3617
mobile: download the 'Amwell' app at your app store. 

Login: use service key - BCBSM

Plan 0005 (500/1000): $20
Plan 0006 (1500/3000): $20
Plan 0007 (HSA): $49 until deductible(s) met

Questions? Please see the Human Resource Office. 

Click here for a website which offers FREE and confidential career ladder assessment testing to help assess your interests, aptitude, and skills for career planning.