Jackson County Medical Care Facility has been recognized as a
2011 recipient of the Bronze – Commitment to Quality National
Quality Award for its outstanding performance in the health care
profession. The award, presented by the American Health Care Association (AHCA), highlights facilities across the nation that have demonstrated their intention to pursue a rigorous quality improvement system.

The Eden Alternative is an innovative philosophy of long-term care. It believes that loneliness, helplessness and boredom account for most of the suffering experienced by our Elders in today's long-term care settings. The Eden Alternative seeks to eliminate these plagues by creating a vibrant living and working environment for its Elders and staff. This environment offers companion animals, the opportunity to give meaningful care to other living creatures, and the variety and spontaneity that is inherent in this enlivened setting.

In addition to the environment, Eden homes are resident-centered; encouraging independence and honoring the relationships that exist between the Elder and the caregiver. In short, Eden sees the long-term care environment as a habitat where people can continue to grow.

The Eden Alternative
Jackson County Medical Care Facility
has been nationally recognized!
Jackson County Medical Care Facility
is Jackson County's one and only Eden certified home. What does that mean to you? Glad you asked!