Jackson County Medical Care Facility
524 Lansing Avenue
Jackson, MI 49201

For Admissions Information: 517.782.8500

General Fax: 517.783.1750

Fax for Employment Verification Only: 517.796.2640

Email: info@jcmcf.com

Office Hours:  Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4 pm

Contact Us
We aim to please! All our efforts are geared to make life at JCMCF the best it can be. Sometimes, thought we may fall short of your expectations. When we do, we want to know what we have done so we can continue making you smile.

Please use our hotline to voice any of your concerns, compliments, or comments: 517.782.8500 ext. 250.
You may also email us at HearMeNow@jcmcf.com. We will follow up with all concerns and appreciate your comments.